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  • Sarah Pétreault

    Sarah Pétreault

  • Laurel Tien

    Laurel Tien

    Passion for transformative, life-long learning through an experiential & relational ontology with individuals, groups, & communities in formal/informal settings

  • Bénédicte Monroe

    Bénédicte Monroe

  • catherine Jacquet

    catherine Jacquet

    Deloitte Human Capital Consulting France Unleash Facilitator http://linkedin.com/in/catherine-jacquet-3a93667

  • Guillaume TESSIER

    Guillaume TESSIER

    Sharing my journey towards killing the enemy within. So that I can bring value to the ones that matter => Dad/Husband ❤️, Entrepreneurs…

  • Christine Malpart

    Christine Malpart

  • Nicolas Bacquet

    Nicolas Bacquet

  • Claire Bourrasset

    Claire Bourrasset

    Coach Éclaireuse et Fondatrice @ ROUj : Faire émerger de nouvelles voix, ouvrir de nouvelles voies #Leadership #coaching #identité

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